Our web-design services are new and improved!

We will work with you to create a web site that expresses your individuality and
enthusiasms for life unlike those other web design companiesthat rely on
cookie-cutter sensibilities and big words! Harumph!

Intimacy or Alienation?

It's time for a website
. Maybe you want to promote your music or your art or your book or your sister's pet or your ideas or your million dollar product that no-one on the planet could possibly live without. Maybe you just want to have a website so people know who you are and what you've eaten for breakfast for the last ten years. Maybe you are setting up an eCommerce site and need some help because you have no idea what that little "e" stands for. Here at Total Manipulation it stands for "ecstasy". Whatever you want to do...we can help!

We won't try and bedazzle you by using complicated technical words or by naming hot new software titles to try and convince you that we know what we are talking about. Let's just say "Flash Dreamweaver HTML Java Potato Toaster Leather Jacket v3.2" See what we mean? Don't you hate name droppers! That isn't our style...we just cut to the chase...

Results By Coolness!

We will work with you to create a site that expresses your individuality and enthusiasms for life unlike those other web design companies that rely on cookie-cutter sensibilities. Admit are different from everyone else and your web site should reflect that. The choice is yours...would you rather be lumped into a huge brown box shopping mall or run free under palm trees with a traveling circus?

We urge you to get price quotes and cost estimates from as many sources as you can and when you get tired of being talked down to by scam artists then contact us. We're not in it for big money, we just want to be involved in the best looking websites in the universe. Tell us your ideas and we'll give you a quote!

Because we're all tired of feeling
used and dirty!
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Need A Banner That Doesn't Suck? We'll Do One For The Cost Of Dinner!!

We may not be code scribbling geeks but we don't charge their rates either!
No Stciky Residues Here Folks!
We use our Patented Web Page Lubricant to make your webpage not only stand out...
...but also slip out from under you!
With Total Manipulation creating your website is
a Swedish Geisha Walk as opposed to a CarWreck!
Our operators are standing-by to get you started!
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We design your site exactly how you want!
Just because the latest software allows a site to have
dancing animated fire breathing teddy bears doesn't mean that it's right for your site!
We believe in simplicity!
Most people don't want to be watching some glittering
multimedia presentation designed by a web design school graduate, they want quick access to the information they are looking for.

Take a look at the sites we have setup so far: | | | | | |
As you can see, each one reflects the personality, goals and cost guidelines of the client. Our satisfied customers are small businesses,artists and musicians who want a site but don't want to blow their budget...let's face it...there are better things to spend your hard earned money on!

We are not a big faceless way...we have a very big face and we will help you get the best price on all your Internet needs from hosting to design and regular site maintenance!