The winter is stretched and snow accumulates on the ice on our pond... which it is obvious as if the aqueous life fell deadened very while waiting for the beautiful days from the spring. What occurs under the ice? One imagines peace and calms but much ponds can deeply undergo the tragic changes under surface. You can spout out ask how?

My neighbor said to me that the other day "I never had the problem with my pond but I had last year the poachers who completely emptied fish of my pond!" I asked to him whether it had any obviousness that people fished of his lake and it said: "certainly! Last spring I left my stem and winds as I took for ten years and nothing! Not a simple fish! I had just stored the pond with trout 200! Somebody must have come to fish them all outside!"

It was not laid out for me to offer others, a more plausible theory, above where its trout had gone. I explained to him that its to lose its fish the result of the normal phenomenon was probable. It is what is often called the "fish keep silent" which have like consequence the insufficiency of oxygen. It is a rather simple concept but is the result of a certain number of environmental C of the factors B which the fact remains these "settings with dead of fish" are entirely avoidable.

All the ponds undergo ageing and this normal phenomenon is called the eutrophication which is another manner of saying that the pond became with-top-productive with the algae and the factories with the going beyond of the years and also that its average depth decreases because of the accumulation of organic dirty oil at the bottom. In short: the lake is closing inside on itself. Naturally, there are innumerable bacteria living at the bottom of your pond which literally eat and re-use organic dirty oil, being transformed into biomass which partly becomes fish food. These small incredibly important creatures need oxygen to survive and while the levels of oxygen decrease thus make the number and the effectiveness of these bacteria. When stages criticize extension of levels of the oxygen which organic dirty oil accumulates more quickly than it can be eaten by the friendly bacteria and if oxygen is not supplemented the level their capacity to consume the lower manure is blocked.

In summer, the watery factories in your pond produce oxygen during the day during photosynthesis but when the winter comes and the factories are covered in ice and die their production of the stops of oxygen completely. It is as if the pond must hold it is breath throughout the winter waiting to still take a breath in spring. If the levels of oxygen at the beginning of the winter do not take place rather high then in February and March the prospects for organizations the requirement for oxygen is not good. It is a reason which I recommend to air your pond all the round year.

All that lives in the lake breathes. As with all, when the request exceeds the provisioning there is imbalance and for a watery-eco system this can be catastrophic. The fish will suffocate, the malignant anaerobic bacteria (which of phase without oxygen) will release the toxic substances... that it is the quiet catastrophe. The fish die of asphixiés. The anaerobic bacteria (without oxygen) then start to release toxic harmful and equal, substances. If you take a handle of material of the bottom of your pond and it of the odors of eggs putrefied then your pond is in a state of eutrophication.

A compressor oilless simple attached with a system of the discs of diffuser can transform a pond in a state of eutrophication and help to repair and reverse the damage as well as to make it hospital to fish. Your pond can contain as much while three times the number of fish after an aerator are added. Once that an aerator is in place you will note that year after year you have less manure and of clearer water. There is no implied magic, just a first investment and minimal maintenance.

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