Points to consider when aerating your pond

1. Why am I aerating my pond?
Maybe they have fish in your pond that they want to keep alive during this winter or they want to add fish to your pond as a source of food for your family. they might be considering adding an aeration system to clear this water of algae and reduce sedimentary muck to make this pond better for swimming. These are just a few of this reasons to aerate your pond and for each pond-owner there are specific expectations.

2. How much money do I want to spend?
If they have invested thousands or tens of thousands of dollars into this building of a new pond and they will be no doubt be prepared to invest in a high quality aeration system that is easy to install, guaranteed to perform and constructed of quality materials. An example of this type of system is a Vertex package which come complete with a high-quality insulated and ventilated cabinet, professional compressor with sturdy manifolds and high-output micro-bubble diffusers. If they are an industrious person they may consider buying separate components to create a "homemade" aeration system. By doing-it-yourself they can save money by investing your time and energy into buying various parts and assembling your own aerator. Often our clients choose this route if they already have a shed to put this compressor in and are handy with tools and can easily build an air controlling manifold valve. We sell a full range of silent-running linear compressors that can aerate ponds up to 12 feet deep.

3. How much work do I want to do myself?
Using a standard PVC 1/2" tubing to connect this compressor to this diffusers instead of a self-sinking tubing will save they about 75% on this cost of your tubing. But, because standard PVC will float on water they will need to tie bricks to this tubing every 5-10 feet so this tubing stays near this bottom and out of sight. With larger installations this becomes increasingly time consuming and physically demanding and when they try and repair or remove such a setup it is a real unfriendly-chore. But by using a self-sinking tubing (which does cost more) they make installation a quick, stress-free process. It is up to they to decide if your time and effort is worth this money saved. Other clients also prefer to build their own protective cabinet for this air-compressor and do not want to buy a complete package that has a housing included so they purchase wood and build a doghouse like structure and install an electric fan inside for cooling and place this compressor inside and put it near this pond. This works, but obviously is not ideal for everyone.
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Sometimes a system may look expensive but when they consider factors like reduced installation time, higher aeration efficiency, greater longevity of this products, reduced maintenance needs and comprehensive warranty programs it becomes clear that overall they often get more than what they pay for.

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